Gamberi al Brandy                                             G   £5.50

baked prawns in a brandy cream  


Arancini                                                                    V  £5.95

deep fried Sicilian Rice balls

 stuffed with Provola Cheese


Verdura sott’olio                                           V  G   £ 5.50

marinated Peppers, Aubergines

 and courgettes in mint Extra virgin olive oil

Insalata Caprese                                           V G    £ 4.95

fresh Mozzarella and sliced tomatoes

 with Basil  Extra Virgin Olive oil  dressing

Carpaccio Bresaola                                           G   £7,25

thinly slice cured beef topped with

Rocket and Grana shavings seasoned

with Lemon juice &Extra Virgin Olive oil    


  *Tomatoes & Oregano                                             V  £3.00

  *Pepper & Pesto                                                         V  £3.50

  *Mushroom & Olive                                                  V  £3.50   

   *Parma ham & Mozzarella                                          £3.95


Antipasto Italiano                                                   £8.50

a board of freshly sliced cured hams

& Cheeses, accompanied with marinated

 vegetables in Extra Virgin Olive oil

Homemade Focaccia Bread                            V £3.00

with Balsamic vinegar of Modena

 & Extra Virgin Olive oil for dipping  

Olive & Tarallini                                                   V £3.50

savoury Puglia olives & biscuits


Lasagne con Polpette                                                   £7.50

pasta sheets layered with mini meatballs

 in a  Ragu` sauce

Formaggi & pesto                                                      V £ 7.25

pesto & 4 cheese pasta baked


Crespelle                                                                         V £6.95

spinach & Besciamella savoury crepes

Amatriciana                                                                     £7.50

pasta with Pancetta &tomato souce,

sprinkled with Pecorino cheese

Gnocchi Verdi con Prosciutto & Panna                £7.50

spinach potato dumpling in a creamy

ham sauce.

(can be made as a V option)

Penne alla Norma                                                      V £7.50

sauteed aubergines tossed with tomato sauce,

basil and penne pasta topped with

Ricotta cheese

Pasta e bragiola                                                            £ 7.50

pasta in a Napolitan sauce,

served with roundsteak stuffed with garlic,

parsley and Parmesan cheese

San Giuannidd’                                                          V £ 7.50

Penne pasta with tuna,olives, capers,

cherry tomatoes and parsley



Scaloppine di Pollo                                                        £8.25

thinly sliced chicken cooked with lemon

 and capers with arocket and tomato salad  

Parmigiana                                                                 V   £6.95

our regional dish! Thinly sliced

battered aubergines layered with

Scamorza cheese,  with a Napolitan sauce


Salsicce al sugo                                                             £7.95

fennel sausages in a bay leaf, tomato sauce

served with polenta chips and salad

Polpette                                                                            £7.95

meatballs in a tomato and peas sauce

served with mush potatoes and salad  

Nodini                                                                             £ 8.50

Mini pork rolls stuffed withcheese,

 ham& mushrooms,served with piccante salad

Branzino al forno                                                G   £ 9.50

Baked sea bass on a bed of roasted mixed

vegetables and olives, dressed with parsley

and Extra Vergin Olive Oil


Piccante                                                                    G  £6.50  

spicy cured sausage, sun dried tomatoes

& chilly infused cheese with a lemon dressing


Carciofi                                                                  G V £5.95

marinated Artichoke hearts topped with Grana

 shavings & Oregano infused Extra virgin olive oil


Burrata                                                                      G £ 7.95

creamy Mozzarella ball with  cured ham

& juicy tomatoes dressed  with

Basil infused Extra virgin olive oil

Gorgonzola                                                         G V £ 6.50

Crumbled gorgonzola  and crushed walnuts

accompanied with crisp pear  slices & Modena

balsamic Vinaigrette.  

Funghi & Melanzane                                      G V £ 5.95   

Tossed with shreds of Marinated Aubergines,

 mixed mushrooms  & Pecorino cheese

Cialda                                                                G  V   £ 7.50

Fresh tomatoes, french beans, red onions,

cucumbers  tuna and potatoes seasoned

with Extra Virgin Olive oil and fresh mint


Aragostina                                                                     £ 1.00

(Filo shells filled with) *White choccolate,

 *Hazelnut chocolate or *Pistacchio cream    

Cannoli                                                                            £3.00

biscuit tube filled with Ricotta cream

Pastiera Napoletana                                                 £2.80

italian baked cheesecake with barley & fruit

Torta delizia                                                                 £4.00

rolled almond sponge cake soaked with

liquor andfilled with patisserie cream

sprinkled served with hazelnut ice cream

Chocolate salted caramel souffle                       £4.00

Rum Ba-Ba!                                                                  £3.00

Light sponge soaked in Rum   

Tartufo limoncello                                                    £4.00

Lemon Ice cream with a Liquid Limoncello core

sprinkled with crushed meringue.

Italian biscuit selection                                           £1.50

Panettone                                                                      £2.00

Apple strudel                                                               £3.00

Served with cream

Gelato & Sorbetto                                                      £4.50

 (ask for flavours)

Italian cheese selection                                         £ 5.00


 Choose your Bread                      

 Focaccia*Our Speciality! freshly made oven baked deep pan bread

Piadina  *Thin Italian flat bread folded and served warm  

Panino   *oven baked ciabatta bread

                                     Choose your filling    

Mortadella & Provolone                                       £4.00               

Ham from Bologna & Provolone  cheese

Prosciutto cotto & funghi                                     £3.80

Pink ham & Mushrooms

Pancetta, pomodori & Caciotta                        £4.50

Cured Pork belly, sun dried tomatoes & delicate soft cheese

Salame, pomodori & Gorgonzola                    £4.70

Salami,spicy  blue cheese sun dried tomatoes   

Parma ham, Mozzarella & olives                     £4.70

Speck, Scamorza & funghi                                  £4.50

Smoked ham Scamorza cheese &  Mushrooms

Bresaola, Rucola & Grana                                  £5.95

Cured lean beef, Rocket & Grana shavings

Salsiccia piccante                                                   £5.95

Spicy Italian sausage & cheese, Rocket & sun dried tomatoes     

Vegetariana                                                          V  £4.25

mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, Caciotta cheese  & fresh leaf salad

Fresh Tomatoes, Mozzarella and pesto    V £4.25

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